Ace + Chantelle

Our Love Story

A: I’m writing this email to nominate my beautiful fiancé in hopes she can win this contest. She is my soulmate and I would love nothing more than to look her in the eyes on February 27, 2016 and say those 2 words, “I do.”

C: Ace and I started dating when my daughter was just a year old. He was my best friends “hot older brother.” I have always felt so lucky that he would choose us to be his family. Kinley and Ace share such a special bond, it is truly amazing the love they share for each other.

A: Kinley and I share an amazing bond, we’re best friends. We play Barbie’s together, color pictures, and watch cartoons every single morning. She’s sharp as a tack and radiantly beautiful just like her mama, I can’t believe I’m the lucky guy she calls dada. Can you believe that? There are a million guys out there and Chantelle chose me to help raise and guide her amazing daughter. I get to coach her soccer, watch her dance, and help her through the tough days at preschool.

C: When Kinley was 2.5, Ace and I decided to try for a baby. We got pregnant immediately and were absolutely thrilled with the news of a new addition. Unfortunately, we lost our sweet baby girl, Presley, at 22 weeks. Our world was turned upside down and we were absolutely devastated. We navigated through the grief of the loss, with many ups and downs, but over all, loving each other fiercely.

A: It was the hardest time of my life. I’ll never forget watching her heart stop beating and, at that very moment, knowing Presley was never going to have the chance to fulfill our hopes and dreams for her. Through all of this, Chantelle stayed strong and helped me see the light when I felt surrounded by darkness. She is my beacon, my strength, my shining light in a world full of shadows working tirelessly to darken the day.

C: In February 2014, Ace moved to Prince George for work. The plan was always for me to leave my job in downtown Vancouver, and move Kinley and I there with him as soon as I found a job. After a few months, I had landed my dream sales job and moved myself and my sidekick 9 hours up to the great white north! After a few months we bought our first house, and decided to try again for a baby. This time took a little longer, but we were still equally as thrilled with the news, yet anxious. Our third darling daughter, Lennon, was born in July of 2016. She has been such a blessing to our family, she brings us so much joy.

A: We have done things backwards for most of our relationship. We started as a family of 3 and we tried for more a couple of years later. We moved north and bought a house and then finally became engaged on our first Christmas morning spent in our first home. The wedding is next, but we need time to save enough money to make it happen. If I had the money now, I would marry Chantelle in a heartbeat and unite our family under one name.

C: Honestly, I've thought he was going to propose so many times I stopped getting my hopes up. I thought in Hawaii, at a surprise party he planned for me, on my birthday, In Mexico...In early December 2015, Ace went and picked out a diamond and built the ring with the jeweller when he was in Vancouver for business. He was told the ring wouldn't be ready until December 27ish and was planning to propose in Vancouver when we visited with family next. He got a call on Saturday the 19th that the ring was ready. He immediately booked a flight to go pick it up, and went there and back in 1 day. He made it back to Prince George by 3pm to make it to my dentist appointment!!! I honestly love this man.

A: Chantelle has sacrificed so much for our relationship, I just want to be able to give her this gift as a way to say thank you. She’s an amazing mother, outstanding partner, and overall incredible human being. I can’t think of a person who would appreciate this gracious gift more than her.


Thank you too all the vendors that made this Win a Wedding possible;

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