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The winning entry 2016


"Dear Judges at Win a Wedding,

I’m writing this email to nominate my beautiful fiancé in hopes she can win this contest. She is my soul mate and I would love nothing more than to look her in the eyes on February 27, 2016 and say those 2 words, “I do”. I hope this letter paints a picture of the sensational woman I plan to marry.

Chantelle is an incredibly caring person who, day after day, puts her needs below everyone else’s. She spends the entire day taking care of our two beautiful little girls, driving around from activity to activity without a break until bed time. She never stops helping others and has done so since the initial stages of our relationship when she would spend her lunch time buying food for homeless people in downtown Vancouver.

When we first met, I knew there was something different about her. She was the gorgeous girl who didn’t know how truly amazing she was, it was astonishing. I would complement her smile or laugh, and you could see the genuine delight in her eyes when she would hear those words, it was as if I was the first person to point it out to her.

Chantelle came from a difficult relationship before we met. While the relationship didn’t have a fairy tale ending, it created a person who would ultimately change my life and shaped the man I am today. This amazing little person is Kinley, my oldest daughter and favorite coloring partner.

Kinley and I share an amazing bond, we’re best friends. We play Barbie’s together, color pictures, and watch cartoons every single morning. She’s sharp as a tack and radiantly beautiful just like her mama, I can’t believe I’m the lucky guy she calls dada. Can you believe that? There are a million guys out there and Chantelle chose me to help raise and guide her amazing daughter. I get to coach her soccer, watch her dance, and help her through the tough days at preschool. I feel so lucky and I’m amazed at the gift Chantelle has given me, and she did so right from the beginning!

Fast forward 2 years into our relationship, and I had a chance to see her true character and strength in times of difficulty. Chantelle and I were trying for a second baby and were elated when we learned she was pregnant with our second baby girl, Presley.

Unfortunately, the joy was short lived when we learned 20 weeks in there were severe complications and we would have to say goodbye to our sweet little angel. It was the hardest time of my life. I’ll never forget watching her heart stop beating and, at that very moment, knowing Presley was never going to have the chance to fulfill our hopes and dreams for her. Through all of this, Chantelle stayed strong and helped me see the light when I felt surrounded by darkness. She is my beacon, my strength, my shining light in a world full of shadows trying to darken the day.

In the coming months, I moved north and Chantelle and Kinley followed 5 months later. They left friends and family in order for me to fulfill my dreams and take on a new challenge. It was an incredible sacrifice and one which I have watched many families struggle with. Not ours, we grew closer and stronger with every passing day and on July 26, 2015, our family grew by one more when we welcomed our 3rd baby girl into the world, Lennon Julia Elise Coustol.

We have done things backwards for most of our relationship. We started from the very beginning with a daughter and tried for more a couple of years later. We moved north and bought a house and then finally became engaged on our first Christmas morning spent in our first home. The wedding is next, but we need time to save enough money to make it happen. If I had the money now, I would marry Chantelle in a heartbeat and unite our family under one name.

Chantelle has sacrificed so much for our relationship, I just want to be able to give her this gift as a way to say thank you. She’s an amazing mother, outstanding partner, and overall incredible human being. I can’t think of a person who would appreciate this gracious gift more than her.

Thank you so much for considering our family for this contest, I look forward to hearing from you.


Ace Coustol."