Dani + Kiel

Here’s what we love about Dani and Kiel:

Boy superlikes girl, girl invites boy to Whistler, kisses, cats, name swapping and, of course, baby.

He Said:

It's hard to imagine a world without Dani. She took everything I thought I knew about love and turned it upside down, almost overnight.

She said:

He walked me to a bus stop where we shared the best kiss we’ve ever had in our life, it felt like everything around us was spinning, and it was only us there.


The rest of the weekend was a whirlwind of romance, hiking through the secluded mountains and stopping for more incredible kisses, making dinner together with music and a fire going, and walking hand in hand through the village. Even now, he says rather than a song, the mountains remind him of me.

The Best

The weekend in Whistler was just the beginning, and both Dani and Kiel knew they had finally found their person when even her cats approved. Dani said: “A month later he suggested I bring my cats over for a weekend which turned into a week, then two weeks and eventually moving into his place. After watching him with my cats and how much he loved them I grew even more in love with him.” They made pillow forts and bucket lists and a couple months later: “we decided to try for a baby.” Dani says: “Two years after meeting we now live in Vancouver with a beautiful little 7 month old boy named Puck (after A Midsummer Night’s Dream) and our two fur babies and couldn’t be happier! We still spend a lot of time in nature climbing mountains with our little guy in tow and hope to be married with a mountain view.”

The Worst

Dani says the thing she doesn’t love about Kiel is his memory: “Some days it can be frustrating when he forgets everything on a grocery list, or when I have to be his back up memory for appointments, groceries, events...But, most days it's endearing and funny. Kiel says the worst thing about Dani is...he forgets.

The Future

We can’t wait to be Mr. and Mrs. (Dani) Heavenor. She says: “another thing I adore about him is his decision to take my last name. He says: “We dream of one day building a house together in a little town. Dani can work on her art endeavours, have a garden and chickens. We hope to raise our little guy closer to nature, and family on the island. We'd like to travel, climb more mountains, see more of the world, have adventures and learn new things together.”

Thank you to all the vendors who made this Win a Wedding possible;

Brilliant Events . Anastasia Photography . The Whistler Wedding Collective . Whistler Blackomb . The Crystal Lodge . Stonesedge . Young Hip + Married . Weddings with Billies . Clare Louise . V&G Entertainment . Bon Vivant Collection . Alice and Brohm . Blackcomb Liquor . Pure Gift Boxes .