Anastasia and Liz are dedicated to making wedding dreams come true for all couples, no matter what their budget.  They have joined talents and networks to give away one gorgeous Whistler Wedding per year called Win a Wedding, and offer additional discounted Pop Up Styled Elopements {Aka The Great Escape} at select dates throughout the year. 

Anastasia and Liz are currently both raising families and enjoying successful careers in Whistler and Pemberton, yet some of their best moments are spent designing and capturing other people’s commitment to each other with their team of world class wedding vendors.

They can’t think of anything better than seeing two people enjoy a celebration they never would have dreamed up themselves, but somehow is just so perfect.




Anastasia - photographer, collaborator, collector of stories

Liz - event planner, best friend (even to family), superwoman

Liz - event planner, superwoman


When did you decide to run the first Win A Wedding Contest?

Liz: We were meeting to discuss a styled shoot when we thought how much better it would be if there was a really incredible love story behind it.

Anastasia: We were totally focused on coming up with something really unique and collaborating with some amazing local vendors and the idea of using a "fake" couple just didn't sit right.


How did the Great Escape {Whistler Pop Up Weddings and Elopements} come to be? 

Anastasia: We found it so hard to choose one winner, as we fell in love with so many of the Win a Wedding stories. Liz and I knew that we needed to find another way to make Whistler weddings accessible to all couples. 

 Liz: We both strongly believe in marriage, and believe it is a gift that everyone deserves. With The Great Escape we have created an approach to Whistler wedding planning that allows people a pop up wedding, as a fully styled elopement, at a great price. 

Why did you call your Whistler Styled Pop Up Weddings  “The Great Escape?”

Liz: Because we invite couples that are up for an adventure to escape from the minute details of wedding planning, and leave those to us. It’s so fun!

Anastasia: What feels better than jumping in your car and heading off on a romantic trip? With The Great Escape, we give couples just that: A once in a lifetime surprise wedding with details, day, and decor, expertly arranged and ready for their arrival. 


What surprised you most about the first Win a Wedding?

Anastasia: That so many couples were ready and willing to get married in our short time frame, and that so many people had put off getting married because life or circumstances got in the way.

Liz: How much the stories affected us each individually. I mean, in the end we became obsessed with rooting for our favorite stories.

What surprised you most about the first Whistler Pop Up Elopement aka The Great Escape?

 Liz: How every single guest came up to us and either said “I wish I had done my wedding this way” or “I will be doing my wedding this way too.”

Anastasia: That all the Bride’s friends kept asking us “How did you pick her style so perfectly? It’s as if you’ve known her forever. This is exactly their dream wedding!”